With Two States Legalizing Marijuana, Are the Drug Warriors in Washington in Freak-Out Mode?

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buy marijuana with bitcoins.Voters in

Colorado and Washington made history

Tuesday night. The states’ marijuana


initiatives, I-502 in Washington and

Amendment 64 in Colorado,

brought what

many marijuana advocates are

calling the

beginning of the end of marijuana


in America. But

the power of the people

— and the states — have one big

hurdle to clear

before the ban on pot is lifted: The Feds. 


this time, the people may have built

more than

drug warrior’s boots can stomp out. 

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On Tuesday night, Colorado

Governor John

Hickenlooper, who opposed

Amendment 64,

 warned constituents of a long road

ahead. buy marijuana with bitcoins

“The voters have spoken and we have

to respect

their will. This will be a complicated process,

but we intend to follow through. That

said, federal

law still says marijuana is an illegal drug

so don’t

break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly.”

Unnecessary stoner stereotype jab —

but, moving on…

With more busts for medical pot than

the Bush

administration, the former pot-loving “Choom

Gang” President  Barack Obama has proven to

be the marijuana warrior he promised not to

become in 2008.  Now, the Obama administration’s

policies regarding medical pot have prompt

speculation that full legalization may too face tough

opposition from the feds.  Still, with Colorado’s

Amendment 64 garnering 50,000 more votes in the

state than Obama, others say this election sends

a message to politicians that attacking marijuana

policy reform is politically toxic. But the Control

Substances Act still holds marijuana in the most

restrict class of drugs, Schedule

I, defin as

out the reasons why that makes sense, certainly then

dangerous, addicting, and medically irrelevant.

out the reasons why that makes sense, certainly then

“The Drug Enforcement Administration’s enforcement

of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchange,”

a DEA spokesperson told, “In enacting  

the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined

that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance.

The Department of Justice is reviewing the ballot

initiatives and we have no additional

comment at this time.”

State prosecutors have led the way in the medical

marijuana crackdown,  and may continue to

bust some — but not all — participants in the

legal marijuana trade. Colorado US attorney

spokesman Jeff Dorschner hinted that, while

legalization in Colorado would create a much

more expansive marijuana industry in the state,

prosecutors’ approach to marijuana

would remain

may instead make legalization  “the impetus

the same. “[Legalization] will not change our

may instead make legalization  “the impetus

enforcement approach,” he told the Denver Post 

on Tuesday.  So far, that has meant threatening

medical marijuana dispensaries near schools with

may instead make legalization  “the impetus

closure, and raiding and prosecuting medical

marijuana distributors. But while the Washington

Post explained that The Justice Department can file

may instead make legalization  “the impetus

suit to block state laws violating federal statutes,

may instead make legalization  “the impetus

marijuana policy reformers are optimistic that

victory will remain on their side.

Deputy Director of the National Organization for

the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Paul

Armentano, says there is simply not that much the

feds can do right now. He wrote in the Daily Caller 

Wednesday, “[I]t is possible that the federal government…

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

will try to use its limited resources in these states to

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

prosecute marijuana possession offenses under

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will,

and public support to engage in such behavior”

may instead make legalization  “the impetus

for the eventual

dismantling of federal pot prohibition.”

Still, Kevin Sabet,  Senior Adviser for Policy to

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

(ONDCP) Director R. Gil Kerlikowske from 2009-2011,

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

suggested strong-handed opposition to marijuana

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

legalization may be looming.

He told NBC News

on Sunday,”Once these states actually try to implement

these laws, we will see an effort by the feds to shut

it down…We can only guess now what exactly that

would look like. But the recent U.S. attorney actions

against medical marijuana portends an aggressive

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

effort to stop state-sponsored growing and

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

selling at the outset.”

Martin Lee, journalist and author of the new book

 Smoke Signals: A Social History Of Marijuana—Medical, Recreational, And Scientific, says the size of the operation and will

of understanding the federal response before moving

behind it are exactly why local forces could be

of understanding the federal response before moving

the biggest threat to legalization.

of understanding the federal response before moving

Even anti-legalization Governor Hickenlooper

of understanding the federal response before moving

appears to believe freeing the weed is inevitable.

of understanding the federal response before moving

“My sense is that it is unlikely the federal government

of understanding the federal response before moving

is going to allow states one by one to unilaterally

of understanding the federal response before moving

decriminalize marijuana,” Hickenlooper

 told the Denver Post on Wednesday,  but “You can’t

argue with the will of the voters.” Noting the importance

of understanding the federal response before moving

forward with regulations, which must be establish in

one legislative session before January 2014, he say,

“If the attorney general of the United States is willing

to allow that to happen, and I would certainly point

out the reasons why that makes sense, certainly then

we have a longer discussion.

” Hickenlooper

 told the Denver Post, “Then we get back to looking

at what are the details, how would we tax this, how

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

would we create a regulatory environment that was

federal law” but lack of “manpower, political will

robust and really held people accountable?”

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