Buy CBD isolates online.Our high-purity CBD isolate

powder is extract from organic industrial hemp.

This fine crystalline powder contains over 90% CBD

and is produce and ship from our lab in California.


CBD isolate is a semitranslucent powder which contains

over 90% pure Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a phytocannabinoid

that was first located in the hemp plant in 1940. Recent

studies have explored CBD’s values in a multitude of areas

including cognition.

As the purest form of Cannabidiol CBD isolate contains zero

THC. This is good news for those who are sensitive to THC

and its potential impairment of thinking and motor functioning.


Our CBD isolate is extract using a four-part system that begins

with Winterization. This is the method by which we are able to

eliminate all undesirable elements such as fats, waxes and lipids.

The resulting oil is unrefined and, therefore, in need of some

fine-tuning. That’s why our next step involves forceful mixing.

In order to get our CBD oil to where it needs to be for deep

freezing we implement a machine-mixing machine. Think of that

gizmo at your local hardware shop that churns a can of paint

and you’ve got the general idea.

From here our oil is place into deep freeze for a period of no

less than 12 hours, after which it is carefully remove and run

through a filtration device before being transfer to an

extraction jar.

The fourth part of our process is testing. Our state-of-the-art

laboratory tests the final product for purity and adulteration.

Each batch of CBD isolate is inspect to make sure that no

extraneous elements remain in our CBD oil.

Once our staff are satisfy with their yield they send the batch

off to Manufacturing where it gets the final touches before being

ship out directly to our customers.

At Industrial Hemp Farms we only use the finest facilities for

all of our product development. Our storage tanks are stainless

steel to prevent against corrosion and every inch of it is inspect

on a regular basis. Our staff adhere to a strict quality control protocol.

Since the extraction of CBD isolate involves alcohol and compress

flammable gases, we maintain evacuation equipment and a walk in

vent area as well as internet monitoring that enables us to prevent

against hazardous conditions.


Many experts believe that CBD isolate may support balance and

potentially promote well-being. Research has suggest that it

may stimulate the endocannabinoid system via its interaction

with cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

Although results may vary widely from person to person

the general consensus seems to be that CBD isolate may

induce a sense of calm and potentially encourage positive

emotions. Persons who have used CBD isolate report feeling

energize, rejuvenated and alert.

Alternately CBD isolate has been used before bed to

potentially encourage a restful night’s sleep. Some

customers have said that they slept more soundly after

using CBD isolate but this is purely anecdotal.

Among the many potential uses of CBD isolate,

some users say that it is helpful in the following areas:

  • Exercise
  • General wellness
  • Restorative sleep
  • Clean energy
  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Stress

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