It’s not a surprise to anyone that cannabis can be found in a wide variety of presentations. Ranging from wrapped blunts, pre-rolled joints and spliffs, as well as other more innovative products like waxes and shatter.


Innovation is not a reason to abandon good old flower. Especially not when it’s the high-quality kind.

It’s fairly obvious that some cannabis consumers have begun to look for alternatives to smoking. But the reality is that smoking flower is and always will be a part of the stoner’s lifestyle. Regardless of how hard we try to steer away from it.

The reason for this is not any particularly negative one.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite:

Smoking flower in any way shape or form allows us to try different strains or brands quickly. If you’re not just a stoner, but a cannabis enthusiast, then you’ll agree that this is a great reason to keep smoking flower.

In pre-rolls, you’ll probably find the best format to try cannabis strains and brands quickly, efficiently, discretely, and on the cheap.

For example, Botany Farms provides an amazing pre-roll option made with Hawaiian Haze strain. But there’s a catch, a good one at that. They’ve set the bar for quality standards incredibly high when talking about options for cannabis lovers who don’t particularly enjoy being high. Whatever the reason is for it.

How? You’ll have to visit their website and look at how they’re able to accomplish this. They can probably tell you better than we can, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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