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Rick Simpson’s 90 days protocol is generally recommended for cancer patients and some patients have said they continued beyond the 90 days, taking a gram a day until the cancer was gone.

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Buy Rick Simpson online.Our Rick Simpson Oil is made with organic

indica strains using the Rick Simpson method. Rick Simpson oil has been

used to treat a myriad of ailments. Also, it treats other conditions and has

allowed people to escape their opiate use. Although research is limit,

there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. They suggest that Rick Simpson oil

could be use to cure cancer. This may be attribute to its deep sleep effect.

It allows the body to enter into relaxation and cure itself.

Another benefit to using organic Rick Simpson oil is that it helps mitigate nausea.

Also, it mitigates vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss.

This is usually seen in patience  undergoing chemotherapy.

The average person takes 3 to 5 weeks to consume the recommend

dose of 1 gram per day. It takes about 1 hour after ingestion to start feeling the effects of RSO.

It is suggest that the patient starts with 3 doses per day; each dose

the size of half a grain of rice. The doses should be administer about 8

hours apart starting in the morning. The patient should begin to double the

dosage every 4 days starting from the beginning of week two.

The aim of increasing the dose is to consume the recommended dose of one gram

per day by the end of week five.

the patient should be consuming about 8 to 9 rice sized drops every 8 hours.

Many patients are know to continue taking


the 12 week period is over. The maintenance dose is commonly refer to as

consumption of 1 to 2 grams per month.

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