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Produced by carefully rubbing the female

buds between the hands. Buying Weed Online Discretely.

The resin is rolled in Hash-Balls, before shipment it’s

pressed in the usual slabs. Color: Black on the outside,

dark greenish-brown inside. Smell: Spicy to very spicy.

However, Charas is hashish handmade in the traditional

Indian style of pounding full buds through a fine mesh or

silk screen as part of a spiritual and medicinal ritual. So,

the creator of this charas uses the original techniques

to make a dark and sticky hash. It is a unique and strong

concentrate that is good for pain, stress, and nausea.


Buying Weed Online Discretely.

Very spicy, somewhat harsh on the throat but definitively

less so than Afghani. Consistency: Very soft, can be kneaded

easily like Afghani. Sometimes quite powdery though always dense.


Charas is almost always good smoke. (10-26% THC) Availability:

Very rare, from time to time very small quantities become available.

Most Hash of this kind is imported by private travelers to India.

As expected the price is very high, in the range of Nepali. Charas

is usually sold as a ‘finger’, which is a sausage-shaped piece of hash.

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14 grams, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz(LB), 32oz (2LBs)

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